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Tanuj Kumar

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Posted on    May-12-2012 7:42 AM

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Hi Guys,
Can anyone help me, Actually I want to create Array objects in JavaScript with JSON but I don't have idea to do it.
Please reply as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!!

Arun Singh

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Posted on    May-14-2012 3:41 AM

Hi Tanuj Kumar,
You can create array objects in javascript with JSON using following line of code.
var StudentDetails = {

                   //Array to collect record of Student.

                   // Information of MCA students

                        "MCAStudent": [{

                         "StudentName": "Kumar Vishu",


                         "Stream": "Computer Science",

                         "Course": "MCA"


For more details on this topic you may check out the following link...


I hope it might be resolve your problem. Please marked as answer if this solution will be beneficial for you.

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