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Arun Singh

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Posted on    March-10-2012 2:35 AM


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Hello Everyone,
I'm facing a problem since last night, actually I want to select records from MySQL table randomly. So please tell me whether any option in MySQL database to perform this action.

Please reply as soon as possible.

Pravesh Singh

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Posted on    March-12-2012 1:20 AM

Hi Arun Singh,
To select record from MySQLdatabase randomly, you can use ORDER BY RAND() function. This function returns table values randomly. You can use this as follows.

Query: SELECT * FROM `table` ORDER BY RAND() ;

You can also use this query to perform this action.

Query:  SELECT * FROM `table` ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 2;
 where limit is used for random id limit.

I hope this solution might be helpful for you.

Modified On Mar-12-2012 01:36:42 AM

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