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How to create edit and update link

Posted by  pintu nayak
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Hi all,

I have 4 input textbox as

empid,empname,empaddress,salary and a Add button.When i enter data and click add button all data will be inserted into database and the result will be display below the page in form of a table.In that data two links such as edit and delete will appears.When we want to edit some data we can do it and also can delete the records  with delete link.How to do it.

  1. Re: How to create edit and update link

    Hi Pintu Nayak,
    First of all, make two pages something like dataPage.php and footerPage.php where dataPage.php contains your textboxes and Add button and  footerPage.php contains table with buttons (edit, delete etc). After doing this use require function within a form of main page. In footerPage.php, get selected row value and perform appropriate action on button clicks whatever you want either edit or delete.