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Prakash nidhi Verma
Prakash nidhi Verma


- it for free by download through the internet 

- Free of cost

- Not allowed covered all the copyrights

- Usually

- All the copyright laws are retained. User License EULA(End User License Agreement)

- All features are freely available

- Free of cost distributed among the people

- Having no time limit

- A free copyrighted software

- Neither can sell these software nor can make any changes

- MSN messenger, yahoo messenger, Adobe PDF,etc


- It allows the people to try before they buy 

- Free for specific period of time later on asked the user to purchase

- Not allowed covered all the copyrights

- provided a free trail than pay

- Here also copyrights holders holds all the rights

- May or may not be freely distributed usually requires author's permission

- Program may only 30 days work duration

- Some features are free for trial and covered by copyright

- It cannot be modified and it may be either a cut down or a temporary version

- Winzip,CuteFTP,Getright,etc