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Prakash nidhi Verma
Prakash nidhi Verma

Framework is a collection of various libraries. It is our code which calls the library code while in framework. it is framework's code which calls our code.  

Library : 

A set functions or modules which is work for your application specific function called library. its focus on strings,IO,sockets so their API’s also tend to be require fewer dependencies. charToFind function of the library ans pass teh characters whose position we need to find as a parameter in the function call. 

Framework :

Framework on the other hand has defined open functions which the user writes to create a custom application. C++/Java users will understand this as it is much like implementing an abstract function. Because a framework is itself an application. 

$(document.ready(){     // this call will be done by the jquery  
// framework when document will be ready.
      function() { 
        /* your code */ // our implementation inside the framework's function
str = 'Mindstick'

var pos = str.lastIndexOf('.'); // simply calling function of string library