PHP5 vs PHP7

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difference between PHP 5 vs PHP 7 ?

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    Re: PHP5 vs PHP7

    PHP 5 vs PHP 7:

    PHP is a server side scripting language used for web designing and development. PHP has become an industry standard before ASP.Net and others like Ruby, Java. The new PHP version released the latest version of PHP is PHP 7. which is claiming it to be twice as fast as its predecessor PHP 5. 

    - Advantages: 

    - Performance:

    - Return Type:

    public function area (float $r) : float 
           return 3.14*$r*$r;

    -Spaceship Operator:

     function sort ($a,$b)
            if ($a>$b)
                return 1;
            else if ( $a ==$b)
                return 0;
                return -1;

     In PHP 7:

        function sort ($a,$b)
           return $a < = > $b;

    - Null Coalesce Operator:

     if (isset ($_GET [‘name’]))
            $name = $_GET [‘name’];
            $name = null;

    In PHP 7:

    $name = $_GET [‘name’]?? Null;


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