Visual Cryptography

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What is the mean about Visual Cryptography ?

  1. Re: Visual Cryptography

    Visual Cryptography :

    Cryptography which mean secret writing. Cryptography is the process of scrambling the original text by rearranging and substituting the original text. 

    Visual cryptography is a cryptographic technique which allows visual information like pictures, text to be encrypted in such a way that decryption can be done just by sight reading. Visual cryptography, degree associated rising cryptography technology, uses the characteristics of human vision to rewrite encrypted photos. Visual cryptography provides secured digital transmission that is used just for merely the once. 

    Data Hiding :   Visual Cryptography : 

    Proposed Image Encryption Method

    Algorithm: Image Encryption

    Input: Hided Image   Output: Encrypted Image 

    Step 1: An input image will be selected. It must be an RGB image. 

    Step 2:Red, Green and blue Channels are separated from an input Image.

    Step 3: Each Channel is then further encrypted into 8 shares. This encryption will depend on key used. 

    Step 4: From Step 3, we get 24 shares, it means each channel has 8 shares each. These 8 shares of an each channel then further compress to 3 shares. Thus we get an o/p of 9 shares at step 4. 

    Step 5: Compress 3 Shares from step 4 to one final encrypted image.

    Visual Cryptography some of them are following aplication: 

    1. Secret Communication 

    2. Copyright Protection

    3. Document Authentication

    4. Secret data storing


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