Badges, Labels, Page Headers

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 Badges, Labels, Page Headers in Bootstrap ?

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    Re: Badges, Labels, Page Headers

    Badges,Labels,Page Headers in bootstrap:

    Badges : 

    We all have seen some numerical indicators beside some links in various websites. These are called badges. 

    <a href="#">Mindstick <span class="badge">2</span></a><br>
    <a href="#">Like<span class="badge">3</span></a><br>
    <a href="#">Comments <span class="badge">4</span></a> 


    We all have seen some additional information beside some links in various websites. These are called lables.

    Grey – lable-default

    Green – lable-success

    Blue – lable-info

    Yellow –lable-warning

    Red – lable-danger

    <span class="label label-default">Grey Label</span>
    <span class="label label-success">Green Label</span>
    <span class="label label-info">Blue Label</span>
    <span class="label label-warning">Yellow Label</span>
    <span class="label label-danger">Red Label</span> 


    We all have seen a box around some text or any information in various websites. These are called panels. Use the following classes to style the colour of the lable.

    Grey – panel-default

    Green – panel-success

    Blue – panel-info

    Yellow –panel-warning

    Red – panel-danger

     <div class="panel panel-default">
      <div class="panel-body">Panel Mindstick</div>


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