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How to add FuzzyWuzzy library in Python ?

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    Re: FuzzyWuzzy

    FuzzyWuzzy Python library :

     There are many methods of comparing string in python. Some of the main methods are: 

    - Using regex 

    - Simple compare

    - Using difflib

    But one of the very easy method is by using fuzzywuzzy library that denotes two string are equal by giving similarity index. FuzzyWuzzy is a library of Python which is used for string matching.Fuzzy string matching is the process of finding strings that match a given pattern. FuzzyWuzzy has been developed and its open-sourced by Seat methods.  

    Install via pip  
    pip install fuzzywuzzy
    pip install python-Levenshtein

    Example : 

    from fuzzywuzzy import fuzz 
    from fuzzywuzzy import process
    s1 = "Mindstick"
    s2 = "Mindstick"
    print "FuzzyWuzzy Ratio: ", fuzz.ratio(s1, s2)