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What is Django ? what is  Installation process ?

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    Django is web framework of Python which allow you to quickly create web application. When you’re building a website,you create components a way to handle user authentication (signing up, signing in, signing out), a management panel for your website, forms, a way to upload files, etc.Django give you ready-made components to use. 

    Functionality in Django : 

    -It’s very easy to switch database in Django framework. 

    -built admin interface which makes easy to work with it.

    -Django is fully functional framework.

    -It has thousands of additional packages available.

    -It is very scalable.

    Installing Django step follow in Command Prompt :

    python -m pip install -U pip 
    pip install virtualenv 
    virtualenv env_site
    pip install django 

    django-admin startproject mindstick_site
    cd mindstick_sitecd 
    python runserver