multitasking, multi threading and multiprocessing

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Difference between multitasking, multithreading and multiprocessing in Operating system ?

  1. Re: multitasking, multi threading and multiprocessing

    Multi programming = multitasking + multithreading + multiprocessing.

    Multitasking :  multi tasking is execution of multiple tasks(say processes, programs, threads etc) at a time. operating system allowed us for play MP3 music, edit documents in MSWord, surfing on the google chrome at same time it's means of multi tasking.In simple sense multitasking having multiple programs, processes, tasks, threads running at the same time. 

    Multi threading :  Multi threading is allows a single process to have multiple code segments like threads and running  concurrently within the process.EX : VLC video player.Multi threading is the ability of a process to  manage its use by more than one user at same time. 

    Multiprocessing :  only one process executes at a time is called Uni processor. but Multiprocessing is the use of two or more CPUs processors with in a single Computer system. the multiple processors available, multiple processes can be executed at a time. 


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