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Prakash nidhi Verma
Prakash nidhi Verma

Website : 

When we google ‘website’ is ‘a website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia contents and normally relate with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server.’A web server is web server is the computer that hosts the collection of web pages interlinked together or in one term we can say the website on the internet, on an identification named as a domain name. 

Example: 1.Information gathering 2. Planning 3. Brainstorming 4. Content Writing 5. Coding 6. Testing, Review and Launch.

Web portal : 

Web Portal is a specially designed like a website that provides information from various sources like emails, online forums, search engines on one platform distributed uniformly.It is a personalized and customized library with advance features such as task management, collaboration, business intelligence etc. 

Difference between website and web portal: 


- Location on internet, publicaly accessible with a unique URL(Web Address)

- No any requirment of any login

- Any one can visit and can see content of website

- Content does not change by different individuals


- A private location on the internet it can be accessible with unique url and unique username and password. 

- Login required

- Only memeber of the webportal having access can see the content of web portal.

- Dynamic content changes more frequently than typical websites

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