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What is IOT ? How to use IOT in real life ?

  1. Re: IOT

    IOT :

    Internet:  Inter connectivity-For global connection


    Things: Embedded system devices-sensors, actuators, RFID tags, QR code and so many.

    Internet of Things (IoT) is a system based on smart technology interconnected objects, usually called smart devices, through the Internet. The object can be a heart monitor, a remote or an automobile with built-in sensors. That is objects that have been assigned an IP address and have the capability to collect and transfer data over a network. The objects interact with the external environment with the help of embedded technology, which helps them in taking decisions. Since these devices can now represent themselves digitally.

    IoT used in Smart Home Automation, Robotics and many more in daily life stuffs which is in use for making your life style easy and smart.

    *Some communication devices in IoT:

    1. Sensors

    2. Actuators

    3. RFID Tags

    *IoT environment based applications:

    AWS IoT: (Amazon Web Services)

    Microsoft Azure IoT

    *Choosing IoT hardware processor:

    (a) Arduino

    (b) Raspberry Pi


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