Constructor and Destructor

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Difference between constructor and Destructor in Java?

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     They are special class function which is initializing every objects. means its a object creater for different operators. 

    Notation : mindstick()

    class mindstick 

     int x;
    mindstick(); //Constructor

    They are three types: 




    Overloading process would be going through construction.


    they are special class for destroy the objects as soon as the scope of objects in end.

    Notation: ~mindstick() 

    class mindstick() 

    Happy Coding :)

  1. Re: Constructor and Destructor

    Difference between constructor and Destructor :

    Constructor :

    • Constructor are special types of method that are used to initialize the property and behavior of any object.
    • The constructor is called automatically when objects are created.
    • Constructor contain many arguments or parameters.
    • Constructor always called in serial order.
    • A constructor can be overloaded.
    • You can define multiple constructor in the same class.


    • In other word you can say that destructor is also special types of method that is used to destroy the scope of any object. And it’s also denoted by a tilde symbol.
    • Destructor called automatically when the program is terminated (or exit).
    • Destructor can’t contain any arguments or parameters.
    • Destructor always called the reverse order of the constructor.
    • Destructor can’t be overloaded.
    • In terms of the destructor, you can define only single destructor in a class.

    Note :  Java doesn't support Destructor because it's a garbage collected language .

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