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what is different in c and c#?

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    Re: c# for use....

    Hi Folk, many of the programmers are confusing between C and C#.

    So, The difference between C and C# is too big. C and C# are two different computer programming languages .

    About C :

    C is one of the oldest  programming languages which is used in currently and it's one of the most widely used programming languages in all over world.

    It is considered a low-level programming language but easy to optimize and close to the actual hardware.C’s origin is closely linked to the development of the Unix operating system. it's development for Unix operating system.

    About C# :

    C# is  Pronounced by “See sharp”. C# language is intended to be a simple, modern, and object-oriented programming language. C# is a complete outlier in for  high-level programming language.it's executes on a virtual machine like Java. C# is a simple and easy to use interpreter language with a JIT compiler.

    -> Some highlighted differences between C and C#:

    *C# is an object oriented language but C is a struct language.

    *C is more on functions whereas C# is more on the designs.

    *C supports pointers but C# does not.

    *C can be executed in cross-platform environments but C# is not.

    I hope, It would be helpful for you.

    Happy Coding :)