A disk read error occurred

While booting my system I am getting error message
"A disk read error occurred"
Please let me know how to fix this issue?

A disk read error occurred

Last updated:3/14/2018 5:44:48 PM

2 Answers

Uttam Misra
Uttam Misra


check following causes:

  • Check for the MBR configuration
  • Check and configure partition table
  • Check for the hard drive, hard drive could be faulty
  • Check your IDE cables
  • Check RAM memory 
  • Check computer’s BIOS version
  • Remove dust from RAM slots

Good Luck!! :)

Penelope Hudson
Penelope Hudson

Can run bootrec to have another try.

To start with, repeat the step 1 to 3 in the foresaid method.

Next enter “bootrec /rebuildbcd” and press the “Enter” button.

Then enter “bootrec /fixmbr” and press the “Enter” button.

After that, enter “bootrec /fixboot” and press the “Enter” button.

Finally, restart your computer normally..

if doesn't solve your concern

perform this following steps


Solution 3. Check Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Solution 4. Replace the Hard Disk Drive (HDD)/ Solid State Drive (SSD) and Install Windows