How do I create a VPA for UPI on my UPI account?

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I came to know I have to create a virtual address to do a transaction. please guide me in creating a VPA, so that I can use BHIM app.
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    Re: How do I create a VPA for UPI on my UPI account?

    VPA stands for virtual Private address. It is one of the method to transfer money to one’s bank account.

    First you have to make sure that your mobile number is linked to your bank account, and then get your bank’s official mobile banking app from the app store. Do check the developer, etc. before installing because you need to be careful you are not downloading any malicious or fake app masquerading as one from your bank. If unsure, check with the bank.

    Once you have downloaded the app, you’ll be able to locate the tab about UPI payments. Go there and create a VPA. Keep it simple, so that you don’t forget it like- yourname@your bank’s name. Then create a UPI PIN, which will be required to complete a transaction in BHIM.

    Once your VPA is created, you’ll see options to send, receive money or pay by scanning QR code. You can choose the default account for UPI transactions, if you have more than one account with the same bank. This VPA is essential to carry out any transaction.

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    Re: How do I create a VPA for UPI on my UPI account?

    Thanks sir... I got the basics of VPA, and now able to use it.