How to generate data matrix 2d bar code for c#

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I work in windows form in visual studio 2015 using c# Language And I need to generate data matrix to name and phone and address So that how to do that please using data matrix barcode 2d without using Commercial library Are there are any open source or free library can I use it to generate data matrix 2d Barcode for name and phone and address? I can do it by qr message toolkit library But data matrix what I can use which library or c# code I use for generating?
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    Re: How to generate data matrix 2d bar code for c#

    There is ZXing.NET library, a port of zxing, which supports several barcode formats, including Data Matrix.

    A very basic usage example:

    var writer = new ZXing.BarcodeWriter { Format = ZXing.BarcodeFormat.DATA_MATRIX };
    System.Drawing.Bitmap bitmap = writer.Write("test data");
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    Re: How to generate data matrix 2d bar code for c#

    You can probably try this free barcode api to geFree Payroll Software for Malaysianerate 2d Data Matrix barcode

    BarcodeSettings settings = new BarcodeSettings();
    settings.Type = BarCodeType.DataMatrix;
    settings.Unit = GraphicsUnit.Pixel;
    settings.ShowText = false;
    settings.ResolutionType = ResolutionType.UseDpi;
    settings.X = 5f;
    settings.Data = "Name:Payu & ...";
    BarCodeGenerator generator = new BarCodeGenerator(settings);
    Image image = generator.GenerateImage();

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