How do we recover from Panda?

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HI guys

My website penalized by panda.Please tell me how do we recover from panda.Please help me I would really appreciate your help.

  1. Re: How do we recover from Panda?

    Panda is an algorithm focused on evaluating content quality don’t worry update your poor quality content and duplicate content. because acoording panda algorithm low quality content website remove from search engine results.

      Modified On Apr-11-2018 06:42:41 AM
  1. Re: How do we recover from Panda?

    Google Panda was one of the most controversial algorithm update from Google, but with time it helped a lot to remove low-quality websites from search engine and overall it improved the quality of search results. Though for many webmasters, Google Panda updates are still a headache and at unknowingly many good websites lost their search engine ranking due to Panda penalty. 

      Modified On Apr-11-2018 06:42:52 AM
  1. Re: How do we recover from Panda?

    Here are five things you can do today to ensure the recovery surge is going to pay off, and not send you back to the gray area of Panda.

    1. Analyze Top Landing Pages From Google Organic (via Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools)

    2. Check Mobile Versus Desktop Traffic (From Google Organic).

    3. Use Fetch and Render

    4. Utilize Human Review (Yes, Real Human Beings.)

    5. Perform a Crawl Analysis

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