How to improve Alexa rank of my website?

Posted by  Ailsa Singh
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I was going through few online Articles but I have still few questions regarding my Alexa rank.
Please advice how to improve Alexa rank.

I am looking for few key factors which are really really very improtant for websites.

  1. Re: How to improve Alexa rank of my website?

    Hi alisa here I am explaining key factor to improving alexa rank. It is 3 months process. Because alexa provide rank after 3 months

    a-You should have publish minimum 5 articles daily basis on site.

    b- Sharing that articles on social media.

    c- Sharing that articles on facebook group,linkedin group and google plus group

    d- Creating backlinks related to this content on forum site and related category site

    e- You should have solve any technical issue if you have.

    f- You should have increase website speed.

    Check this after 3 months.I hope it will helpful for you


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