Erlang - How to join Ejabberd cluster ??

I have two nodes like ejabberd_node1 and ejabberd_node2.
Please tell me how can I join Ejabberd clusters between both nodes.

Last updated:4/30/2016 9:39:36 PM

1 Answers

Sunil Singh
Sunil Singh

configration setp for ejabberd clustering-

1-ejabberd have enabled these four modules-


    local router,

    session manager,

    s2s manager.

2- All ejabberd node  must have the same magic cookie (so set it).

3-ejabberdctl.cfg change the following line-


INET_DIST_INTERFACE= (whatever your host public ip)

4- enter the following command on erlang console-


if it will return pong now you can do cluster between  ejabberd nodes.

5- run the following command to make cluster-

ejabberdctl join_cluster 'ejabberd@ejabberd1'

check this link for detail configuration-