[HttpPost/HttpGet] for Action in MVC

Hi Everyone,

i am using MVC with  C#. I want to know what is practical use of  [HttpPost/HttpGet] in MVC .

Can anyone give me example when we used ?

thank you.

Last updated:3/9/2016 4:02:22 AM

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Anupam Mishra
Anupam Mishra

Hi Sachin,

If you are working with MVC then one controller are given by MVC when we create a New Project i.e. Account Controller. In Account Controller, we have a Login action which provides the user with a login screen, then receives the user name and password back after the user submits the form:


We see in login action [HttpGet] is the first action and [HttpPost] and the second action, MVC clearly knows which action is which. When a user views a page, that's a GET request when a user submits a form, that's usually a POST request . HttpGet and HttpPost  just restrict the action to the applicable request type.


We can also combine both request in an one action using below syntax:

 [AcceptVerbs(HttpVerbs.Get | HttpVerbs.Post)].