What are the advantages of using ASP.NET MVC

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Hi Everyone,
I am excited to know what is main advantage of  ASP.NET MVC. Please anyone can give me a answer.

Thank you.
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    Re: What are the advantages of using ASP.NET MVC

    The ASP.NET MVC framework are the following advantages:

    1. It makes it easier to manage complexity by dividing an application into the model, the view, and the controller.

    2. It does not use view state or server-based forms. This makes the MVC framework ideal for developers who want full control over the behavior of an application.

    3. It uses a Front Controller pattern that processes Web application requests through a single controller. This enables you to design an application that supports a rich routing infrastructure. For more information, see Front Controller.

    4. It provides better support for test-driven development (TDD).

    5. It works well for Web applications that are supported by large teams of developers and for Web designers who need a high degree of control over the application behavior.
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