How to remove duplicate URL from Google?

Posted by  zack mathews
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Please help me  to remove duplicate URL in Google's Result. When I type my website in Google Search, I see there are two URL like - 1- www[dot]onlineweb[dot]com/my-blog-post 2- www[dot]onlineweb[dot]com/my-first-blog-post

Actually, I published my post as- www[dot]onlineweb[dot]com/my-blog-post and after few hours I changed it to - www[dot]onlineweb[dot]com/my-first-blog-post . Now I see , Both URL are indexed in Googe.

  1. Re: How to remove duplicate URL from Search Result?

     First Way - Just redirect your old blog post to your new post(that you want to see in SERP)
    Second way - Just delete it, if have created newly site, and use Google removal tools from Google Webmaster Tools(GWT).
    Third Way - Use canonical link tag, if you want to keep.