Is Couchbase is right choice with ejabberd?

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I am using Ejabberd as an application server for message forwarding and offline storage, roster, user profile ,but i am very confuse about database selection, since Mnesia is only used for small data set, which database would recommend to use as a Offline storage providing high scalablity low latency, fast read/ write? Is couchbase or couchDB is right choice ?
  1. Re: Is Couchbase is right choice with ejabberd?

    Hi allen,

    I  have asked same question on stackoverflow a week back, Processone founder and lead team member of Ejabbered  Mr. Mickaël Rémond  replied on that : 

    Couchbase or CouchDB are not supported by ejabberd but you have plenty of good alternative storage for large databases: MySQL, Postgres, Riak.
    You can even use different type of backends for different type of data to suit the specific needs of your project.


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