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Ankit Singh

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Posted on    December-21-2015 10:17 PM

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I want to use Events in C# How to use this.

aditya kumar Patel

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Posted on    December-21-2015 10:19 PM

An event can have many handlers. With the event handler syntax, we create a notification system. We attach additional methods without changing other parts of the code. This makes programs easier to maintain.

using System;
namespace EventsInCSharp
    public class OurClass
        public delegate void OurDelegate(string message);
        public event OurDelegate OurEvent;

        public void UseEvent(string message)
            if (OurEvent != null)
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            OurClass OurClass = new OurClass();
            OurClass.OurEvent += new OurClass.OurDelegate(OurClass_MyEvent);

            Console.WriteLine("Please enter your name\n");
            string msg = Console.ReadLine();
            goto GetReStart;
        static void OurClass_MyEvent(string message)
            Console.WriteLine("Your Name is: {0}", message);


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