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Mark Devid
Mark Devid

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Posted on    December-21-2015 12:01 AM

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I want to enable functionality of multiple image selection in our iPhone application.
Can anyone provide me the list of libraries which helps us for multiple image selection.

Tarun Kumar

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Posted on    December-21-2015 10:35 PM

Here, I am providing you some libraries that can be used to select multiple images:
In Objective-C programming, you can use these libraries:

- AGImagePickerController
- CTAssetsPickerController
- ELCImagePickerController
- TSAssetsPickerController
- WSAssetPickerController
- QBImagePickerController
- ZCImagePickerController
- UzysAssetsPickerController
- MWPhotoBrowser
- CustomImagePicker
- InstagramPhotoPicker
- GMImagePicker
- DLFPhotosPicker
- CombinationPickerController
- AssetPicker
- BSImagePicker
- SNImagePicker
- DoImagePickerController
- IQMediaPickerController
- HySideScrollingImagePicker

In Swift programming, you can use these libraries:

- RMImagePicker
- DKImagePickerController
- BSImagePicker
- LimPicker(this is same as like WhatsApp's image picker)

and, In my according AGImagePickerController library is the best because I am already using this library.

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