How to select Multiple images in iOS

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I want to enable functionality of multiple image selection in our iPhone application.
Can anyone provide me the list of libraries which helps us for multiple image selection.
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    Re: How to select Multiple images in iOS

    Here, I am providing you some libraries that can be used to select multiple images:
    In Objective-C programming, you can use these libraries:

    - AGImagePickerController
    - CTAssetsPickerController
    - ELCImagePickerController
    - TSAssetsPickerController
    - WSAssetPickerController
    - QBImagePickerController
    - ZCImagePickerController
    - UzysAssetsPickerController
    - MWPhotoBrowser
    - CustomImagePicker
    - InstagramPhotoPicker
    - GMImagePicker
    - DLFPhotosPicker
    - CombinationPickerController
    - AssetPicker
    - BSImagePicker
    - SNImagePicker
    - DoImagePickerController
    - IQMediaPickerController
    - HySideScrollingImagePicker

    In Swift programming, you can use these libraries:

    - RMImagePicker
    - DKImagePickerController
    - BSImagePicker
    - LimPicker(this is same as like WhatsApp's image picker)

    and, In my according AGImagePickerController library is the best because I am already using this library.