Linking App-Store link on app in iOS

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I was creating an app(free version), I have added a button inside our free version app. I want to set link which will takes people to the paid version in the app store. I tried to use a standard link, like this:(its an example)
I will open the safari first and after app store. I have used other apps that open the app store directly, so I know it is possible.
Can any one tell me the, what is the URL Scheme for the app store?
  1. Re: Linking App-Store link on app in iOS

    If you want to create a direct link without redirection of App-Store: follow this:
    Copy iTunes link, for example:
    now, replace the http:// with itms-apps://
    now you can open the link using UIApplication, for ex:

    [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:url];

    and the one important thing is that the link will work only on actual device, it will not work on simulator.
    Be careful, those links only works on actual devices, not in simulator.


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