How to add a URL String in a JSON object

I need to add a URL typically in the format http:\\somepage.asp. When I create a string with the above URL and add it to JSON object json


it's appending an extra "\" and when I check the output it's like http:\\\somepage.asp

When I give the URL as the json output is http:\/\/\/somepage.asp

Can you help me to retrieve the URL as it is, please?
Last updated:12/16/2015 12:19:26 AM

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Anonymous User
Anonymous User

Your JSON library automatically escapes characters like slashes. On the receiving end, you'll have to remove those backslashes by using a function like replace().

Here's an example:
string receivedUrlString = 'http:\/\/\/somepage.asp';<br />
string cleanedUrlString  = receivedUrlString.replace('\', '');
cleanedUrlString should be ''.