How to paste NSPasteBoard into another application?

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I have successfully get content from the NSPasteboard and copy it into my active applicaiton. but I unable to get a way to paste it into another application, just how to paste it into my current application.
If you are thinking why I want to do this, then I tell you that I am researching if there is a way to improve Jumpcut open source application ( Currently, it fakes cmd+v to paste the content into another application, but this doesn't work on X11 (which expects Ctrl+v).
If any one solve my issue then it will be appreciatable, thank you.
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    Re: How to paste NSPasteBoard into another application?

    In my according X11 does not really understand the OS X pasteboard so I think there's some special magic going on to map whatever's on the OS X pasteboard into a form which can be used as the X pasteboard.
    Depending on what we are prepared to know about the target app. We can do something between sending a simulated Ctrl-V event and coercing the app into requesting the content of the clipboard (not the primary clip buffer, which is the middle-click one in X)