Find nth highest salary in Sql Serever

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I want to use Find nth highest salary  in Sql Serever please help me.
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    Re: Find nth highest salary in Sql Serever

    We can also use the TOP keyword (for databases that support the TOP keyword, like SQL Server) to find the nth highest salary.

    SELECT TOP 1 Emp_ID,Emp_Name,Emp_Sal,Location
    FROM (
          SELECT DISTINCT TOP 1 Emp_ID,Emp_Name,Emp_Sal,Location
          FROM Employee
          ORDER BY Emp_Sal DESC
          ) AS Emp
    ORDER BY Emp_Sal

    To understand the query above, first look at the subquery, which simply finds the N highest salaries in the Employee table and arranges them in descending order. Then, the outer query will actually rearrange those values in ascending order, which is what the very last line “ORDER BY Salary” does, because of the fact that the ORDER BY Default is to sort values in ASCENDING order. Finally, that means the Nth highest salary will be at the top of the list of salaries, which means we just want the first row, which is exactly what “SELECT TOP 1 Salary”