Assign blank if String is NULL in Objective-C

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I am new in iOS app development. I want to print string if string variable is null.
I am trying this code:(C#)

strObj = strObj??string.Empty;

In this code if strObj is null, value of string.Empty (for ex: string: "") will be assigned.
So how can I achieve this in Objective-C?

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    Re: Assign blank if String is NULL in Objective-C

    You can check null string like my example, I am checking first name and last name if any one is not available then it will not assign in personName. Use it as your need;
    Here is my example:

    NSString *personName;
    if(person.firstName.lenght !=0 && person.lastName.length !=0)
       personName = [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat:@"%@ %@", person.firstName, person.lastName];
    else if(person.lastName.length == 0)
       personName = person.firstName;
       personName = person.lastName;