identifying which check boxes are selected using JAVA ( jsp)

I am building  a servlet that displays a simple form with checkboxes , when the user selects the number of checkboxes he wants and clicks on a "confirm" the POST request in my servlet checks for which boxes have been checked and queries the database based .

I am unsure on how to do this in Java as the user may select either 1 or more checkboxes . if somebody could explain this with a small example this would be great.

I am very new to programming and would provide a code snippet if I knew how to do it .
Last updated:12/7/2015 3:22:38 AM

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Anonymous User

This is actually the HTML form behavior question. When you check a few checkboxes with one 'name' attribute and different 'value' attributes and press submit button, your browser will send request to the server with checked checkbox values. So you can get value names from this url parameters.

For example:

<form name='input' action='html_form_action.asp' method='get'>
<input type='checkbox' name='vehicle' value='Bike'>I have a bike<br>
<input type='checkbox' name='vehicle' value='Car'>I have a car 
<input type='submit' value='Submit'>
If you check both of checkboxes your server will receive this parameters like so: 
After that you can get values like this:

String checkboxValues = request.getParameter('vehicle');
checkboxValues gets all values separated by comma.