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Ankit Singh

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Posted on    December-06-2015 9:38 PM

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I want to use foreach loop in c# please help me.

aditya kumar Patel

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Posted on    December-06-2015 9:43 PM

foreach loop is a different kind of looping constructs in C# programming that doesn’t includes initialization, termination and increment/decrement characteristics. It uses collection to take value one by one and then processes them.

using System;

using System.Collections;

namespace ForEachLoop


class Program


static void Main(string[] args)


ArrayList list = new ArrayList();

list.Add("Suresh Kumar");

list.Add("Sanjay Kumar");

list.Add("Sunil Patel");

list.Add("Vinay Singh");

list.Add("Arun varma");

list.Add("Manoj Kumar");

foreach (string name in list)






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