Servlet session attribute size and lifetime

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1) What is an acceptable size range of objects that should be attached to a session? If I attach an object that can be 5k, and I have 10k valid sessions at any given time, that's 50MB of memory which seems acceptable to me. Is that a valid way to approach the issue, or are there other significant concerns?

2) This is probably a dumb question, but if I attach an object to a session with a 2 week lifetime, can I access the attribute as though it were in memory for the whole duration of the session?

3) Is there any reason NOT to always persist session information to a DB?
  1. Re: Servlet session attribute size and lifetime

    Acceptable size depends on your use case and number of concurrent sessions. If your sessions last 2 weeks, then it is conceivable that you could have a lot of concurrent sessions, but if 10k is your anticiapted maximum then there should be no problem with a 5k session object (as your calculation illustrates).

    As long as you have a reference to the session object (or are able to get such a reference) then the data will persist in the session. Remember that your session objects must be serializable.

    You may not want to persist all session data to a db for performance reasons, especially if the session data can be easily recreated.


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