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Tom Cruser
Tom Cruser

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Posted on    December-02-2015 7:05 AM

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I have successfully fetched all the contacts with the help of ABAddressBook in our application.
But now my need is to get unique identify of each contact person.
I am using ABRecordGetRecordID, but I am doing somthing wrong.

So, anyone who have my problems solution, then please reply me.
thanks in advance!

Steven Hill
Steven Hill

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Posted on    December-08-2015 12:04 AM

To get each person Id I am using code like this:

ABRecordRef contactPerson = (__bridge ABRecordRef)allContacts[i];
NSNumber *contactId = [NSNumber numberWithInt: ABRecordGetRecordID(contactPerson)];

In this code I am fetching ID into NSNumber format, you can use another format.

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