How to show SQL Server XML format Data

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I want to show data XML format  in sql server please help me.
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    Re: How to show SQL Server XML format Data

    SQL Server lets you retrieve data as XML by supporting the FOR XML clause, which can be included as part of your query. You can use the FOR XML clause in the main (outer) query as well as in subqueries. The clause supports numerous options that let you define the format of the XML data.
    The AUTO mode in a FOR XML clause is slightly different from the RAW mode in the way that it generates the XML result set. The AUTO mode generates the XML by using heuristics based on how the SELECT statement is defined.

    select * from Employee
     SELECT Emp_ID, Emp_Name,Emp_Sal
    FROM Employee 
    <Employee Emp_ID="1" Emp_Name="Amit" Emp_Sal="100000.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="2" Emp_Name="Mohan" Emp_Sal="1200.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="3" Emp_Name="Avin" Emp_Sal="1100.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="4" Emp_Name="Manoj" Emp_Sal="1300.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="5" Emp_Name="Riyaz" Emp_Sal="1400.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="7" Emp_Name="Shukla" Emp_Sal="9200.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="8" Emp_Name="Shailu" Emp_Sal="900.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="9" Emp_Name="Shailu" Emp_Sal="900.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="10" Emp_Name="Vivek" Emp_Sal="5000.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="11" Emp_Name="Manoj" Emp_Sal="5000.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="12" Emp_Name="Suraj" Emp_Sal="51200.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="13" Emp_Name="vrijesh" Emp_Sal="544200.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="14" Emp_Name="rakesh" Emp_Sal="879252.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="15" Emp_Name="avishek" Emp_Sal="45000.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="16" Emp_Name="manish" Emp_Sal="10000.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="17" Emp_Name="suresh" Emp_Sal="5000.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="18" Emp_Name="pradeep" Emp_Sal="45000.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="19" Emp_Name="kamlesh" Emp_Sal="45000.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="20" Emp_Name="arun" Emp_Sal="45000.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="21" Emp_Name="ahiv" Emp_Sal="78210.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="22" Emp_Name="vimal" Emp_Sal="9411.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="23" Emp_Name="vijay" Emp_Sal="15452.00"/>
     <Employee Emp_ID="24" Emp_Name="rajeev" Emp_Sal="78900.00"/>

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