Use of Group by and Having Clause in Sql Server

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I want to use  Group by and Having Clause in sql server please help me.
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    Re: Use of Group by and Having Clause in Sql Server

    Group By clause is used for grouping the records of the database table(s).This clause creates a single row for each group and this process is called aggregation. To use group by clause we have to use at least one aggregate function in Select statement. We can use group by clause without where clause.

    The having  clause operates only on group rows of table(s) and act as a filter like as where clause. We use having clause to filter data that we get from group by clause. To use having clause we need to use group by clause first.

    SELECT emp_name, SUM(Emp_sal) AS 'salary'
    FROM Employee
    GROUP BY emp_name
    HAVING SUM(Emp_sal) >5000

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