Detecting events on tap of UIButton in iOS

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In my iPhone application on which I am working I want to handle an event occurs when UIButton touch is ended.
I know that UIControl has some events implementing touches (UIControlEventTouchDown, UIControlEventTouchCancel, etc.).
But my problem is I am unable to catch any of them except UIControlEventTouchDown and UIControlEventTouchUpInside.

My button is a subview of another UIView. That UIView has userInteractionEnabled property set to YES.
I am unable to understand that what's wrong I am doing?

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    Re: Detecting events on tap of UIButton in iOS

    There are many ways to identify button event here I am providing one of them:
    set 'action targets' according to your ControlEvents, like this:

    [buttonName addTarget:self action:@selector(methodTouchDown:)


    Here is MethodTouchDown declaration:

     NSLog(@"Button is Clicked");