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zack mathews
zack mathews

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Posted on    November-18-2015 4:57 AM

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I have an Array of String, I would like to know how to fetch the first character of each string when the first character is different to previous strings.
For example:
NSArray *arr = @[@"AA", @"AAA", @"B", @"BBB", @"BBBB", @"CC", @"DD"];
I want these character in another array:
Please help me.

Tarun Kumar

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Posted on    November-18-2015 10:18 PM

For fetching and storing first character in an array use code like this:

NSArray *stringArray = @[@"AA", @"AAA", @"B", @"BBB", @"BBBB", @"CC", @"DD"];
NSMutableArray *fetchedArray = [NSMutableArray stringArray];
NSMutableSet *mutableSet = [[NSMutableSet alloc]init];
for (NSString *str in stringArray)
    if(![mutableSet containsObject:[str substringToIndex:1]])
        [fetchedArray addObject:[str substringToIndex:1]];
    [mutableSet addObject:[str substringToIndex:1]];
NSLog(@"%@", fetchedArray);

I hope the above code is helpful for you.

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