@selector creation with method name and parameter

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I created a sample that gets a SEL from currentObject,
SEL callback = @selector(methodName: parameterTwo);
Andalso I have a method like this:

- (void) methodName: (id) var1 parameter2;(NSString*) var2 {

Now I want to move methodName to another object, with passing delegateObj.
This is the code that I have tried:

SEL callback = @selector(myDelegate, mymethod:parameter2);

but it’s not working, please anyone tell me the reason.

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    Re: @selector creation with method name and parameter

    It looks like you are  trying to implement a callback. The best way to do is something like this:

    [object setCallbackObject:self withSelector:@selector(myMethod:)];

    We can not pass parameter's in a @ selector().
    Then in our object's setCallbackObject:withSelector: method: we can call your callback method.

    -(void)setCallbackObject:(id)anObject withSelector:(SEL)selector {
        [anObject performSelector:selector];