Swiping pages using UIPageViewController

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I have creating an app using page view in iPhone, in this app we swiping pages like iPhone or other smartphone devices shows its main menu, and also I have created successfully and enabling transition style as Scroll on page view controller, after that its looking like this..

Swiping pages using UIPageViewController

but here is an issue in my app, I am unable to show dots for each view on the bottom and I can't resolve this problem.
can any one who help me to solve my problem.

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    Re: Swiping pages using UIPageViewController

    Your problem is not an issue because to display dots of page views needs to implement two more methods of UIPageViewController in your code:
    these are the two methods:

    -(NSInteger) presentationCountForPageViewController:(UIPageViewController *)pageViewController{
      return 3;
    //above method is responsible for displaying number of dots to be displayed


    -(NSInteger) presentationIndexForPageViewController:(UIPageViewController *)pageViewController{
      return 0;
    // above method returns index of initial selected dot

    after using both method on your screen displaying 3 dots on screen,
    I think this is sufficient solution for your problem.