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Posted on    October-13-2015 4:22 AM


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1. Create a Static Friend List (You can have Friends Collection of approx 10+ Contacts/Contacts).
Friends Data - First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone Number, EMail, City

2. Display all data in a list/Row format

3. Implement a search feature using Linq -

4. Search cases - By Name (combined first name and last name), City and Phone number.
Exact as well as partial Search

Note: It should be using MVC Application and no database connection has been required. 

John Smith

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Posted on    October-13-2015 5:10 AM

Anything else sir?

Mayank Tripathi
Mayank Tripathi

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Posted on    October-14-2015 3:17 AM

Hi Yogesh,

Hope you're doing good.
The purpose of this Developer section is to share knowledge and interact with each other to solve a problem or a confusing scenario. So i will request you to ask  your problems not a whole application or implementation.

The best approach to start a complex problem or implementation is to first try it of your own using your basic knowledge and work experience, it will also help you to get clear view about your problem and make you improve your skills remarkably

Now, if you are getting any technical or logical issue with your approach or code, then you can ask here, and tell your approach what you have done and what the problems you are getting achieving it correctly.  this could make other people to take interest on your question and they try to help you by giving their views and solutions.

So, don't post a problem straightaway before trying it, first analyze it your self and ask accordingly

Mayank Tripathi 

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