Database stuck in restoring and snapshot are not available

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I tried to restore my database from a snapshot. This usually took around a minute to complete the last couple of times. When I did it today, it didn't complete for around 30 minutes and the spid was in a suspended state. I stopped the query and now my database is stuck in restoring state and my snapshot is unavailable. Am I screwed?
USE master;
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    Re: Database stuck in restoring and snapshot are not available

    I would NOT recommend this unless you really can afford to lose the db and restore from an earlier backup. Our solution was to restart the services. Everything popped back up, but it was as if a restore were never attempted. However, it is a very low priority server and we can go back to any backup, as it is used as a staging server and the actual data in it isn't that important.

    This has actually happened to this server several times, i suspect it has to do with the fact that we're restoring over a slow network.

    One thing to check is if any other spids are connected to either the database or the snapshot.