SQL server databases stuck in restoring state

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I have a Sharepoint server. I guess our network administrator has miss configured his back up tool (I guess he uses Symantec backup exec) and now some of my databases are stuck in restoring state!
SQL server databases stuck in restoring state
How can I stop restoring process and also, is it possible to have these databases back working right?
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    Re: SQL server databases stuck in restoring state

    This is likely caused by the restore script adding the WITH NO RECOVERY parameter to make the database ready for a transaction log apply after the restore. The database is now waiting for the latest transaction log file.

    You can either:

    Apply the latest transaction log (Using RESTORE LOG... WITH RECOVERY)... or
    Restore the database again, but this time using WITH RECOVERY ... or
    Force the database out of restoring mode by executing: RESTORE DATABASE YourDb WITH RECOVERY
    Before you do this, please make sure you understand the implications of these options. You may cause data loss if you are not careful.