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I have created UITableCellView class called MyCell. The header defines the following:

#import< UIKit/UIKit.h>

#import "MyNote.h"

@interface MyCell : UITableViewCell {

    MyNote *note;

    UILabel *noteTextLabel; 


@property (nonatomic, retain) UILabel *noteTextLabel;

- (MyNote *)note;

- (void)setNote:(MyNote *)newNote;



In the implementation I have the following code for the setNote: method:

- (void)setNote:(MyNote *)newNote {

    note = newNote;

    NSLog(@"Text Value of MyNote = %@", newNote.noteText);

    self.noteTextLabel.text = newNote.noteText;

    NSLog(@"Text Value of MyNote Text Label = %@", self.noteTextLabel.text);

    [self setNeedsDisplay];


This fails to set the text field of the UILabel and the output of the log messages is:

2008-11-03 18:09:05.611 VisualNotes[5959:20b] Text Value of MyNote = Test Note 1 

2008-11-03 18:09:05.619 VisualNotes[5959:20b] Text Value of MyNote Text Label = (null)


I have also tried to set the text field of UILabel using the following syntax:

[self.noteTextLabel setText:newNote.noteText];

This does not seem to make a difference.

  1. Jennifer Morgan


    Re: Unable to set text field on UILabel

    Have you set up your noteTextLabel anywhere? What this looks like to me is that you're messaging a nil object. When you cell is created, noteTextLabel is nil. If you never set it up, you're basically doing the following: 

    [nil setText: newNote.noteText];

    And when you later try to access it, you're doing this:

    [nil text];

    Which will return nil.

    In your -initWithFrame:reuseIdentifier: method, you need to explicitly create your noteTextLabel, and add it as a subview to your cell's content view:

    self.noteTextLabel = [[[UILabel alloc] initWithFrame: CGRectMake(0, 0, 200, 20)] autorelease];

    [self.contentView addSubview: self.noteTextLabel];

    Then this should work.

    Also, as a stylistic note, I would make the property for noteTextLabel readonly, since you're only going to want to access it from outside the class, never set it.



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