Generating Random Numbers in Objective-C

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I'm a Java head mainly, and I want a way to generate a pseudo-random number between 0 and 74. In Java I would use the method:


I'm not interested in a discussion about seeds or true randomness, just how you accomplish the same task in Objective-C. I've scoured The Google, and it just seems to be lots of different and conflicting bits of information.

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    Re: Generating Random Numbers in Objective-C

    Use the arc4random_uniform(upper_bound) function to generate a random number within a range. The following will generate a number between 0 and 73 inclusive.




    arc4random_uniform(upper_bound) avoids modulo bias


    arc4random_uniform() will return a uniformly distributed random number less than upper_bound. arc4random_uniform() is recommended over constructions like ``arc4random() % upper_bound'' as it avoids "modulo bias" when the upper bound is not a power of two.

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