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Arush Raj
Arush Raj

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Posted on    July-13-2011 11:45 AM

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I want create a login from. For this I create a Control Library Login Form, and then I use it at a Windows Form. Now its working well,But my question is that when the task of Control Library Login Form is completed. After showing that "Login Successful",I want to see the next Windows Form in Windows application.?

Awadhendra Tiwari

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Posted on    July-14-2011 6:50 AM

Hi Arush Raj,
You have two solution to solve this problem,
1) Define a event in login control form and create a handler of that in usable form. Then on that handler you can show other form.
2) In control form after successful login you can hide login form and then open parent form and on the load event of form call another form.


Manmohan Jha

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Posted on    July-25-2013 12:31 AM

Login form

on button click event

Homefrm hf = new Homefrm();

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