How to deploy HTTP live streaming(HLS) on android?

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Is it possible to invoke(deploy) HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) on Android(4.x)?

Obviously iOS devices can both capture/play, and I know android can at least play, but how about capturing? I wonder interoperability.
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    Re: How to deploy HTTP live streaming(HLS) on android?

    For video conversion I use FFmpeg. Creation of HLS is possible with FFmpeg, but not really well documented. So I had to figure out how to create the video streams. After a lot of research and experimentation I created my FFmpeg HLS reference implementation that is available on Bitbucket.


    On iOS the created video plays without problems on new devices. Older iOS devices with a maximum resolution of 480×320 pixels seem to select the best quality stream available, even if they cannot play it. For Android you have to create a MP4 video and before converting it into a MPEG stream. Doing this in a single command creates a choppy stream on Android. Flash playback has still some issues if you change the bitrate. So I still have some work to do.


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