How to move a field to other position in a OpenERP7 form view?

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I made a form view in OpenERP7, which inherits from an existing form view.

I am trying to move some field to other position, only moving, because I need to preserve its functionality.

Easy example: let's suppose that the name of the field I want to move is field_to_move, and I want to move it just after the field called above_field. I tried the next code:

<xpath expr="/form//field[@name='field_to_move']" position="replace">
    <xpath expr="/form//field[@name='above_field']" position="after">
        <field name="field_to_move" on_change="onchange_type(field_to_move)" />

The result is wrong, I am generating the  new field in a wrong position (the same before the changes) and the old field is still visible, so it is duplicated.

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    Re: How to move a field to other position in a OpenERP7 form view?

    Try this, it will work

    1. Hide the current position of field.

      <field name="field_to_move" position="attributes">
          <attribute name="invisible">1</attribute>
    2. Move to desire place using below code.

      <field name='above_field' position="after">
          <field name="field_to_move"/>

    Hope this will help you.

      Modified On Apr-06-2018 04:51:50 AM